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The Man From UNCLE Trivia

The Man From UNCLE Travia Quiz Book was writen by Paul Mohamed and published in 2014. Try your UNCLElogy degree with some of Mohamed questions:

1) What is Napoleon Solo's badge number?

2) What is the middle name of Illya Kuryakin?

3) What is Section Two?

4) What was the title of the episode where THRUSH had created a double for Napoleon Solo?

5) How many episodes made up season one?

6) What was the Christian name of Vulcan in The Vulcan Affair?

7) In wich episode does Illya disguise himself as a Mongolian warlord?

Answers soon in this blog. Or in Open Channel D: The Man From UNCLE Affair.

To get more information about author Paul Mohamed click here.

Much more about the Man From UNCLE in the Open Channel D book: - Amazon Australia - Amazon Brazil - Amazon Canada - Amazon France- Amazon Germany - Amazon India- Amazon Italy -

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