B.O.M.: The Man From UNCLE 2015 by Numbers

After almost nine weeks since the premiere, these are the numbers that measure The Man From UNCLE performance. (Source: Box Office Mojo)

Production Budget: $75,000,00

USA: $45,312,930 (45.1%)
Foreign: $55,100,000 (54.9%)
= Worldwide: $100,412,930

In few words, The Man From UNCLE (the 2015 movie) isn't a hit, much less a blockbuster. But it is making a profit of more than $ 25 million, even before the DVD/Blu-Ray/Streamming/releases. And this can lead to the sequel.

Much more about UNCLE:
Amazon.com - http://goo.gl/OD1XKW
Amazon Australia - http://goo.gl/ODQYPY
Amazon Brazil - http://goo.gl/qYPYg6
Amazon Canada - http://goo.gl/XrC6gc
Amazon France - http://goo.gl/IGxkLq
Amazon Germany - http://goo.gl/Wtz6WB
Amazon India - http://goo.gl/vtNMYo
Amazon Italy - http://goo.gl/gPOn6X
Amazon Japan - http://goo.gl/Cwqw1s
Amazon Mexico - http://goo.gl/xY6ANr
Amazon Netherlands - http://goo.gl/y1t4KO
Amazon Spain - http://goo.gl/ph9s0Z
Amazon UK - http://goo.gl/RDkUxB


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