UNCLE # 3: The Quadripartite Affair Complete Episode

The Man From UNCLE
Episode 3
The Quadripartite Affair
Writer: Alan Caillou
Director: Richard Donner
Guests: Jill Ireland (Marion Raven), Anne Francis (Gervoise Ravel), John Van Dreelen (Harold Bufferton)
Filmed between: 03 - 18 August 1964
Premiere: 06 October 1964
Places: Nasunji Mountains (Yugoslav)
1 - "A Whiff of Smoke"
2 - "One Lost Fire Inspector"
3 - "3 Eggs Hatched"

4 - "Two Down Two to Go"

The affair:
Marion Raven finds her father Gregory terrified in the Nasunji Mountains (in Yugoslavia, Eastern Europe). Mr. Bufferton and Gervoise Ravel order Gregory's execution in front of her daughter. At UNCLE HQ in New York, Marion wants to make justice and has a clue: a yacht called Biella. Solo finds out that the yacht belongs to Gervaise Ravel, widow of a terrorist. Then Napoleon goes to Marion's apartment, when she's not there, and finds a terrified Kuryakin in a corner. Later Illya remembers that he had breathed some gas from a chocolate box. At UNCLE HQ, Waverly talks about Fear Gas, produced in World War 2 and gone missing. Solo, Kuryakin and Marion parachute in the Nasunji mountains. They destroy the enemy base and return to New York, where Alexander Waverly appreciates Marion's help and orders Solo to eliminate Gervaise Ravel and Bufferton.

FYI: This is the first episode with effective participation of Illya Kuryakin. And from the start, a woman (Marion Raven) fancys him. Jill Ireland, David McCallum’s real wife at the time, plays Marion. The enemy seems to be THRUSH, but the organization is not yet mentioned. First screenplay by Alan Caillou, who would become one of the best and most active writers in the series, as well an eventual actor. Caillou was a real spy during the Second World War. It's the only time Waverly "pre-orders" a mission, which would be completed in episode 7, “The Giuoco Piano Affair”. (In fact, the original concept was a double episode). This third entry is a good example of how the series could approach darker themes without losing the sense of humor.

The Quadripartite Affair complete episode:

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