Monday, December 19, 2016

Guest Star: June Lockhart (before Lost in Space)

June Lockhart, was one of many "inocent" characters in The Man From UNCLE series. She is one of the guest stars (along Ricardo Montalban) of Episode 12, "The Dove Affair". In this episode, Lockhart is an American high school teacher travelling one East Europe country. June was born in New York City, in 1925. She worked in the 1950s series Lassie

June Lockhart and Robert Vaughn in The Man From UNCLE

The Dover Affair aired in December, 15, 1964. Exactly 9 months after this day, June Lockhart would be Maureen Robinson for the very first time in the hit series Lost in Space. She changed carreers, working as marketing manager and art director for a furniture manufacturer. June is now 91.

June Lockhart as Maureen Robinson in Lost in Space

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