Episode 15: "The Deadly Decoy Affair" facts and pics

The Man From UNCLE - Episode 15

"The Deadly Decoy Affair"

Writer: Albert Aley
Director: Alvin Ganzer
Guests: Ralph Taeger (Egon Stryker), Joanna Moore (Fran Parsons), Berry Kroeger (Frame), Edward Mallory (Narum)
Filmed: 30 November - 7 December 1964
Premiere: 11 January 1965
Place: New York and Washington (EUA)

Berry Kroeger as Frame

Ralph Taeger (Egon Stryker) & Joanna Moore (Fran Parsons)

Solo, Stryker, Kuryakin and a deadly taxi driver

The affair:
In the UNCLE headquarters garage in New York, there is a battle between UNCLE and THRUSH agents for the possession of Egon Stryker, a captured chief of THRUSH. The UNCLE wins and keeps the prisoner. Waverly order Solo and Kuryakin to take the real Stryker by train for a trial in Washington while he, Waverly, will take a double in a plane (to divert THRUSH). The THRUSH attacks, and accidentally Stryker is handcuffed to a housewife, Fran Parsons. Napoleon and Illya lead Stryker on the train to Washington. THRUSH attacks the train. Solo, Stryker and Fran takes refuge in the house of a Mormon couple in the roadside. 

Solo, Waverly & Kuryakin at UNCLE HQ, New York

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