Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Second by second: the Man From UNCLE trailer guide

00:00 - A night view of Rome, Italy, 1963
00:03 - In a black car we see Gaby Teller (Alicia Vikander). Lying in the back seat, Napoleon Solo (Henry Cavill) put the silencer on his gun. 
A white car approaches with Illya Kuryakin (Armie Hammer) at the wheel. Solo shoots, Illya strays from the bullets, chases Gaby and Solo, but the white car gets stuck in an alley.
00:40 - illustrations and maps of Berlin, Germany, 1963. Napoleon Solo crosses the Checkpoint Charlie in the Berlin Wall.
00:45 - Sanders (Jared Harris), a CIA chief, speaks to Napoleon Solo about a criminal organization linked to fugitive Nazis who is building an atomic bomb.
00:55 - Oleg (Misha Kusnetsov), KGB coordinator, tells Kuryakyn he must infiltrate the organization.
01:00 - Solo and Kuryakyn fight in a public bathroom.
01:03 - Illya comments with Oleg that Napoleon Solo is "CIA most effective agent".
01:10 - Solo tells Sanders that Illya Kuryakin will be the best in KGB in 3 years. 
01:15 - Gaby says that "America is teaming with Russia". Solo says that the "thigs will get a little messy".

01:20 - Solo and Kuryakin start working together
01:30 - Victoria Vinciguerra (Elizabeth Debicki) Welcomes Napoleon Solo at her party.
01:50 - Gaby Teller seduces Illya Kuryakin

02:00 - Several action scenes in different scenarios

02:10 - Alexander Waverly (Hugh Grant), chief of UNCLE, tells Napoleon Solo that as a "special agent he is having a very special day".
02:15 - Napoleon Solo shows a pair of women's shoes to a girls and asks whether it belongs to her or him.

This is the first The Man From UNCLE official trailer:

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