Interview: Roger Moreira and his new The Man From UNCLE Theme version

Roger Moreira is a Brazilian musician, creator of the rock pop band Ultraje a Rigor. They recorded a brand new version of The Man From UNCLE Theme, by Jerry Goldsmith. It is a rock and roll version, that would fit perfectly in the 2015 movie directed by Guy Ritchie. This is an exclusive interview with Roger Moreira for this blog:

1) Did you watch The Man From UNCLE on television? What are your best memories about the show?
I loved it! But I don't remember much since I was no more than a little child. But I do remember they had those triangular badges, they had secret entrances to their offices and they had to talk to Mr Waverly before their missions. I found them both funny and heroic. Action filled. I vaguely remember they having gadgets. I loved everything. 

2) Why did you record the Man From UNCLE Theme?
Because I loved it too!:) 

3) It is a hard song to be played?
No, not really. At least the way we did it. It's very well constructed and reminiscent of the Mission Impossible theme. But in 4/4, not 5/4 like the latter

4) Did you watch Guy Ritchie's 2015 UNCLE film?
Not yet. I was looking forward to it and my first disappointment was with the musical theme: not the original one. If he had no commitment to it I imagine the story may be different too. I watched the first minutes of it and saw Ilya was an enemy at first. I liked the idea of having the action in the 60's since many of their gadgetry would be obsolete or anachronistic by now.

This is the Ultraje a Rigor version:

And this is the original version recorded by Hugo Montenegro:

Much more about UNCLE: - Amazon Australia - Amazon Brazil - Amazon Canada - Amazon France Amazon Germany - Amazon India Amazon Italy - Amazon Japan Amazon Mexico - Amazon Netherlands Amazon Spain - Amazon UK


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