Channel D: 2nd edition, revised and extended

The second edition of Open Channel D: The Man From UNCLE Affair  is on sale at all the Amazon/Kindle virtual stores. The book has been totally revised by collaborator Claudio Poles and the author. And it was expanded to include a new chapter about the motion picture directed by Guy Ritchie in 2015. This is a sample of the new chapter:

The film directed by Guy Ritchie (...) performed poorly at box office, and has only got a reasonable ranking in DVD / Blu-ray rentals. A continuation is uncertain. Which is sad, when we talk about the future of a pop culture myth. The film is remarkable in style, time set, original soundtrack, most of the cast and the action scenes (which have always been the director’s trademark). But at least eight big mistakes have been committed at adapting the series. (That’s, of course, solely this author’s opinion).

1) There’s no UNCLE in The Man From UNCLE - Starting the story before the actual creation of the UNCLE organization was a great idea, and it should be a part of the script. But by irresponsibly and fully disregarding the series’ original concept, the film makes the audience feel cheated. There is no "UNCLE" in a movie called "The Man From UNCLE", except for the very last line, with no much meaning. (...) 

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