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Episode 6: The Green Opal Affair

The Man From UNCLE
Episode 6
The Green Opal Affair
Writer: Robert E Thompson
Director: John Peyser
Guests: Carroll O'Connor (Walter Brach), Joan O'Brien (Chris Brinell), May Heatherly (Heather McNabby)
Filmed between: 15 - 22 July 1964
Premiere: 27 October 1964
Place: Honduras (Central America)

David McCallum & Robert Vaughn

1 - "... but he's not alive either..."
2 - "... two little kittens..."
3 - "... they may take away our heads..."
4 - "...the human time capsule explodes..."

Carroll O'Connor

The affair:
Inside UNCLE HQ in New York, new agent George Tenley is hallucinating and repeating the words "green opal Brach". Kuryakin finds out that the financier Walter Brach is heading to the Honduras jungle. Disguised, Napoleon Solo gets a job at Brach's office and follows with the team to Central America, where he finds fugitive Chris Linnel threatened by cheetahs. She tells him she used to be a housewife in Bethesda, Maryland (USA) until two days before and didn't know how she had ended up in that jungle. In his base, Walter Brach discloses his plan: brainwashing people to be put at the service of THRUSH. Solo (brainwashed) would be appointed the new head of UNCLE by Brach. Solo applies the serum on Walther Brach. One of THRUSH hunches throws Brach in the lake of sharks.

May Heatherly & Robert Vaughn

FYI: In this episode Illya appears only in the first few minutes and in the last ones. Solo declares he had a father that was a lawyer and caught birds - a reference to his son hunting "thrush". The idea to brainwash Solo was apparently a coincidence: in the same year Ian Fleming wrote his latest James Bond novel, The Man with the Golden Gun, where 007 tries to kill his boss "M" after being brainwashed by the Soviets. But Fleming's book was only released the following year. Illya is kept at UNCLE HQ, replacing Mr. Waverly as a coordinator. Leo G Carroll was still on sick-leave. This was one of the few occasions when a Latin American country is called by its real name.

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