Saturday, November 12, 2016

USAToday: Robert Vaughn life in rare pictures

Robert Vaughn (Napoleon Solo) and David McCallum (Illya Kuryakin) in the remains of what used to be UNCLE's secret entrance in the MGM studios. The set was destroyed by fire in March 31, 1967. (AP)

Surrounded by fans and protected by police in London, as a rock star. (Getty Images)

With bride Linda Staab, June 29, 1974. (AP)

As president Harry S Truman in President: The Man From Independence (1974). (AP)

Winning the Emmy Ward as supporting actor for the drama series Washington: Behind Closed Doors in 1979 (AP).

Atending the Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony in July 27, 1998 with wife Linda Staab, daughter Caitlin and son Cassidy. (Wire Image)

Much more about UNCLE: - Amazon Australia - Amazon Brazil - Amazon Canada - Amazon France Amazon Germany - Amazon India Amazon Italy - Amazon Japan Amazon Mexico - Amazon Netherlands Amazon Spain - Amazon UK

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