Wednesday, November 16, 2016

WSAU: "Open Channel D"

by Tom King
I failed to mention yesterday, the passing of actor Robert Vaughn. From 1964-68 he starred in one of my favorite tv shows, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. What started as a mostly serious James Bond imitator eventually devolved into campiness...but for a kid in elementary school...this was good tv. From the secret entrance in Del Florio's Tailor the cool gadgets like the pen communicators ("open Channel D" became a catch phrase and had us all talking into our BICS). The suaveness of Vaughn's character Napoleon Solo (cool name too) and the total coolness of his Russian counterpart Ilya Kuriakin (played by David McCallum) was like catnip. The plots got pretty silly near the end and most of us had moved to other things by 1968...but for a couple of years "The Man From UNCLE delivered the goods. They also had UNCLE books, toys and other merchandise available. I have a record album of the music from the show.

Much more about UNCLE: - Amazon Australia - Amazon Brazil - Amazon Canada - Amazon France Amazon Germany - Amazon India Amazon Italy - Amazon Japan Amazon Mexico - Amazon Netherlands Amazon Spain - Amazon UK

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