Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Man From UNCLE Episode 17 - "The Yellow Scarf Affair"

The Man From UNCLE
Episode 17
The Yellow Scarf Affair
Writer: Robert Yale Lippincott
Director: Ron Winston
Guests: Linden Chiles (Tom Simpson), Kanrala Devi (Pubhakim) , Murray Matheson (Maharaj) Police Inspector (David Sheiner)
Filmed: 19-26 October 1964
Premiere: 25 January 1965
Place: Mumbai (India)
Acts titles:
1 - "Target the Glowing Bird"
2 - "Calls of a Night Thrush"
3 - "... a sparrow flies"
4 - "Birds of a Feather"

The affair: UNCLE agent Duncan MacAllister travels in a Comet jet to Mumbai. He sits next to an Indian woman, Miss Pubhakim, and she murder him with a yellow scarf. In New York, Alexander Waverly tells Napoleon Solo that agent MacAlister was carying a new lie detector, the Verac-B. Waverly tells Solo that his mission is to travel to India and retrieve (or destroy) the lost Verac-B. (...) 

FYI: Another episode without Illya Kuryakin. The reference to the "Comet to Mumbai" seems to have a connection with an actual fact. British De Havilland Comet airplane was the first passenger jet in the world. And several of them fell during the 1950s by structural problems. Despite its pioneerism, Comet's name is definitely linked to tragedies. As a cover, Napoleon Solo works as an expert in secure working for "UNCLE": "Unified Northern Casualty and Exchange Liability".

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