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UNCLE # 8: The Double Affair Complete Episode

The Man From UNCLE
Episode 8
The Double Affair
Writers: Joseph Calvelli and Clyde Ware
Director: John Newland
Guests: Senta Berger (Serena), Michael Evans (Darius Two), Sharon Farrell (Sandy Wister)
Filmed: 28 August - 04 September 1964
Premiere: 17 November 1964
Places: New York and Washington (USA) and Alps (Austria)

The affair:

Illya Kuryakin finishes his nightshift and exits UNCLE HQ through Del Floria's. In the street he's attacked by missiles fired by little toy robots, but manages to destroy them. At THRUSH New York Headquarters, Darius Two says eliminating Kuryakin is important for the success of a new operation. A bandaged man on the operating table turns out to be a exact lookalike of Napoleon Solo. Meanwhile, the real Solo enters a restaurant with his companion, flight attendant Sandy Wister. His double, still covered with gauze, sits beside her. Napoleon finds Serena (from THRUSH). She seduces him. Solo is made unconscious by gas and is taken to a THRUSH base in the Austrian Alps (...)

Robert Vaughn & Senta Berger

FYI: It is the first (and only) time that the name of a guest star (Senta Berger) appears in the credits before David McCallum's. The episode had additional scenes inserted and was distributed as a full length movie titled The Spy with my Face. The Double Affair was the best episode since the beginning of the series. UNCLE producers started to think big. The opening scene with little toy robots attacking Illya in front of Del Floria's became an icon of the genre, despite its naivety. The plot was the most interesting one until then and caused excitement among fans by showing a bad double of hero Napoleon Solo. It never looks like Vaughn is fighting with a stuntman. Both the episode and the motion picture benefited from the presence of Senta Berger, an international star of rare beauty. The “Austrian Alps THRUSH secret base” is in truth the Griffiths Observatory in Los Angeles.

Robert Vaughn & Sharon Farrell

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And now, the complete episode:

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