UNCLE and the age of the big jets

"It was a Monday. The New York Times was full of advertising pages showing clothing for women in stores like Sak's and Sears. Men drooled for the big cars (like the Plymouth Barracuda or the Pontiac GTO) and electronics ("portable" TVs and sound systems with turntable and AM/FM receivers). And for both genres there were everywhere announcements of international air travel with accessible prices. The four-engine jet propeled Boeing-707 was the symbol of this era. International travel is no longer the privilege of the very wealthy".
(Open Channel D: The Man From UNCLE Affair)

The extinct Pan American's Boeing 707. Episode 8.

The New York international airport, in 1964. In the picture, 2 Lockheed Constellation (from TWA) and one Douglas DC-7 (from United). Episode 9.

Douglas DC-8 from SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System). Episode 10.

Much more about UNCLE:
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