UNCLE ultra high tech gadgets (from 1964)

The Man From UNCLE was from the start a TV series committed to what was most advanced at that time in terms of technology. Here are some examples of what was advanced in 1964, the year of its first season. Above is the clock used by Napoleon Solo. The brand was erased. James Bond wore an Omega Seamaster.

One of the UNCLE Headquarters "powerful" computers. At that time, "computer" was synonymous with mainframe, in the style popularized by IBM in so many spy movies.

One of the many communications switches used inside UNCLE HQ.

A typical low budget "control center" in a Man From UNCLE episode: a big analog watch, one "Danger Auto Destruct monitor", one loose wire in the wall.

Much more about UNCLE:
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  1. i was totally unaware of these things. thank you for sharing this posts with us.



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