E!: "Alicia Vikander Slapped Armie Hammer in the Face—And He Had No Idea It Was Coming!"

The E! Reporter with Elizabeth Debicki and Alicia Vikander

Actress Alicia Vikander (Gaby Teller) told E! reporter in the last ComicCon that director Guy Ritchie told her to slap Armie Hammer (Illya Kuryakin) in the face, in a shot. And Armie was not warned about it:
"Vikander says director Guy Ritchie pulled her aside and whispered that she should hit him. "Guy was like, 'Go over there and slap him,'" she told me at Comic-Con. "I was like, 'Can I?'" So she did. "[Armie] got a bit surprised the first time I did it," Vikander said. "The first time I did it, I was like, 'I'm sorry.'"
To see the slapping, watch the last The Man From UNCLE trailer clicking here. The scene is at 3:15.
Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer


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