Inverse: "Should The Man From UNCLE Get a Sequel?"

The film left room for more, if only its stars can find the time. 

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. was a midsummer delight as glossy as a perfume ad and more fun than a kiss with a stranger. But not many people saw it. Was the advertising to blame? When your raison d’être is putting comically beautiful people everywhere, you don’t obscure their pretty mugs on the posters. Or the title itself? Named for a show nobody under the age of 50 knows, the film diverged mightily from its nominal source material, confusing everyone.

Still, it didn’t do abysmally, and as summer drags on and people look for a distraction on humid afternoons, I predict it will remain on the charts as a sleeper, gaining slow and steady viewership. You can’t not want to see it after reading this. The ending, in which Hugh Grant’s character gives the agents another mission and tells them to grab their “curly whirly shoes,” certainly leaves the door open for a sequel.

Afterall, a sequel would give us more of the zany fun, the unashamedly silly dialogue, the dryly delivered non-sequiturs, and the old fashioned sight-gag humor.

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