Report #0016: "... the intention of using an acronym that began with the letters U and N - to be confused with some United Nations agency".

Sam Rolfe with David McCallum

REPORT #0016

"Rolfe was hired by ARENA (the TV arm of MGM), and began his working on the UNCLE project. At first he conceived the organization itself, including its structure and the nature of its operations. UNCLE would be an international secret organization fighting another secret organization of bad guys. There was also the intention, from the start, of using an acronym that began with the letters "U" and "N" - to be confused with some United Nations agency.

Sam Rolfe followed guidance from producer Norman Felton, who didn't want another strong lead, "macho" heroe. Solo would be the hero, working with dedication and seriousness for UNCLE, but not giving up on the pleasures of life. Napoleon Solo, in short, would have many characteristics in common with James Bond, but also many differences. Solo didn’t have 007's taste for sadism, which raised so much criticism to Ian Fleming's work. Napoleon was a practical and effective employee of the organization. He didn’t care (as Bond did) for wine vintages and the way a cocktail was mixed".

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