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Tom Cruise was cast as Napoleon Solo but chose to focus instead on Missão: Impossível - Nação Secreta (2015), so he dropped out. Henry Cavill, who was at first considered for the other role, was cast. 

Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer often did their own stunts in the film. Hammer was more enthusiastic about his stunts; his stunt double joked that "he hardly has a chance to do anything because he's out there doing it all by himself".
Napoleon Solo's trick of removing a tablecloth from a table while leaving all the objects undisturbed wasn't a visual effect - Henry Cavill actually did it, having trained in the trick from British variety star Mat Ricardo.

One of the reasons the film stayed in the 60s time period was to allow them "to have our own world, our own reality, our own tone, which sets us apart" from films like Bourne and other recent spy thrillers.

When Napoleon is sitting in the truck and going through the radio stations, one station is playing a snippet of the theme music from the original TV series. Armie Hammer watched O Agente da UNCLE. (1964) before starting production to prepare for his role as Ilya Kuryakin. He was the only member of the cast to do so.
The movie takes place a year or two after the Cuban missile crisis, an origin story that the TV show never explained. Presenting the origin story was one of the reasons Ritchie and Wigram wanted to do the project. 

Kuryakin bickers with Solo over how Gaby should be dressed. This refers to The Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E.: The Fifteen Years Later Affair (1983), where Kuryakin took up high-fashion designing after leaving UNCLE. 

Former England international football star David Beckham has a brief cameo in the film as a projectionist.

Some of the costumes in the film are actually vintage clothing.

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