Friday, August 21, 2015

Report #0043: "What was the secret to enter from Del Floria's?"

REPORT #0043

How large is the UNCLE building?
Three floors. Details are classified.

How do UNCLE people enter the building?
There are four secret entrances: 1) a public garage, 2) a secret underground tunnel 3) a nightclub called Club Mask 4) Del Floria's tailor and dry cleaning shop (used by enforcement agents).

What was the secret to enter from Del Floria's?
The agents went in as clients. When recognized by Del Floria himself, he pressed a secret button on an ironing board. The agents then entered a cubicle, closed the curtain and pulled on one of the clothes hooks. The combination of the ironing board secret button and the hook opened a back door in the cubicle onto UNCLE's reception.

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