Sunday, September 6, 2015

A perfect match: UNCLE box plus UNCLE book

The box above contains 41 DVDs with 105 episodes of The Man From UNCLE series (1964-1968) and 10 hours of bonus features. Total: 5.272 minutes of video, or 87,8 hours. This mean 3,5 days of continuous play. "Combine the spy-against-spy era of the Cold War of the rise of '60s cool and the result is The Man From UNCLE, the trendsetting series that became a cultural touchstone", says the back of the box.

In the eBook "Open Channel D: The Man From UNCLE Affair" you will find the complete guide for all those 105 episodes, statistics, curiosities and the whole evolution of this pop culture universe. (That don't fit in the box: beyond the series there are 10 movies and the spin-off The Girl From UNCLE). 

You can purchase The Man From UNCLE box in the Amazon stores for US$162,47 clicking here. And these are the links to buy the UNCLE book: -
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