The Vincent Price Affair

The Man From UNCLE
Episode 33
The Foxes and Hounds Affair
Writer: Peter Allen Fields
Director: Alf Kjellin
Guests: Vincent Price (Victor Marton), Patricia Medina (Lucia Belmont), Julie Sommars (Mimi Doolittle)
Filmed: 06-13 June 1965
Premiere: 08 October 1965
Places: Paris (France) and New York NY (USA)
1 - "Get those nasties off our back"
2 - "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy"
3 - "Think of girls"
4 - "Go get'em tiger"
The affair:
In Paris, the magician Merlin is introduced to his new assistant Mimi Doolittle. He shows Illya Kuryakin and agent Cantrell his Electronic Thought Translator. (Napoleon Solo is on vacation). In the evening, Merlin does his magic tricks. The translator is aimed at Victor Marton, from THRUSH. He mentally reveals that he will kill Merlin and steal the translator. THRUSH men kill Merlin. Illya and Cantrell get off with the Translator. Viktor commands THRUSH men on a trip to New York. A girl called Mimi tells her mother that she is returning home in the same city. Waverly wants to use Mimi to divert attention from Cantrell. Lucia Belmont, an ambitious THRUSH leader, orders Mimi's bag to be seized, thinking the Translator is there. Solo is being made a fool by UNCLE. Illya wants to protect him, but Waverly says deceiving Napoleon is part of the plan. Victor enters UNCLE HQ, asks to see Waverly and tells him to give up the translator in exchange for Solo, Kuryakin and Mimi. In Wadsworth, Alexander Waverly waits for agent Cantrell with the Translator. Belmont gets the thought reader and delivers it to Victor. Victor’s head explodes.

PSI - Another memorable episode, especially because of the classy presence of Vincent Price (1911-1993) in the cast. Price was a big star for his parts in horror films like The Fly (1958) and Roger Corman’s adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe, in the 1960's. Price is also known from classic movies such as Laura (1940), directed by Otto Preminger. And has been known to new generations as the voice at the start (and laughter at the end) of Michael Jackson's mega success “Thriller”.

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