The Ricardo Montalban Affair

The Man From UNCLE

Episode 12

The Dove Affair

Writer: Robert Towne

Director: John Peyser

Guests: Ricardo Montalban (Satine), June Lockhart (Sarah Taub), Henry Lascoe (Premier Dobony Earnst)

Filmed: 19-26 August 1964

Premiere: 15 December 1964

Places: Sernia (Balkans)


1 - "Incident at the Balkans"

2 - "The Running Man"

3 - "Togetherness"

4 - "End of the line"

The affair:

In the capital of Sernia (in the Balkans), teacher Sarah Taub shows her American students the body of Milo Jans, a recently murdered political leader, inside a glass coffin and wearing the Order of the Dove on his chest. Napoleon Solo breaks the glass, plucks the medal from the body and flees. At night, Solo hides the medal in a cemetery. The mysterious Satine, offers to help Solo leave the country if he returns the medal. Through Channel D, Waverly warns Solo that Satine belongs to KREBS, Sernia's intelligence service. (...)

FYI: No Illya Kuryakin again. Except for two flashes, not even UNCLE headquarters are shown in this episode. (...) The Dove Affair is serious espionage fiction, with the always-charismatic Ricardo Montalban as a guest. 18 years later, Montalban had his most popular role as Mister Roarke, the elegant host in the series Fantasy Island from 1978 to 1984. The Dove Affair should be in every UNCLE fan’s best episode list.

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