Costello: "'Man from U.N.C.L.E.' finds its place in year of spy movies"

"Kingsman" (early this year) was an over-the-top action thriller with comedy mixed in with regularity. The more recent "Mission Impossible: 5" was a classic stunt-driven, story-driven thriller with a couple nice elemental surprises and a tie-a-bow-on-it plot twist to close things nicely.
Then there was "Man From U.N.C.L.E." Not only did this movie clearly distinguish itself enough from the rest of the spy-movie pack, but it pleasantly surprised me, even if it some of the direction choices were a little rough around the edges. It should be noted that I have no idea what the old TV show was like, so I'm not going to compare the movie to that at all.
First, the good. "Man From U.N.C.L.E." jumped right into the story with a predicament involving Solo (played fantastically by Henry Cavill) and Gaby (tantalizingly played by Alicia Vikander). Solo, a secret agent, tells Gaby that her father is missing, and he wants her to help track him down.
Even right away, the two exchange quips and one-liners with dignity, spunk, a bit of snark and proper etiquette somehow all mixed together beautifully. Gaby hesitates to help, but is soon convinced as Solo explains that others will be after with nastier agendas.
As they get into the car, they already detect they are being followed. An elegant, but still quick-paced, car chase scene ensues, and we then meet the third main character of this journey, Illya. In a nutshell, Illya is the Russian version of Solo. The two of them are respected, well-known agents who are at the top of their game and the best of the best.
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